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After extensively playing the latest World of Warcraft expansion,  I’ve experienced most of what it has to offer with exception to some of the PvE content. Overall, I would say Mists of Pandaria is a decent expansion, but does have some drawbacks. So what are some of the pros and cons of this expansion when compared with previous expansions?


  • New talent trees which allow for players to choose different abilities depending on their playstyle; this new system also diversifies players from each other and there is no longer a simple cookie-cutter build people have to abide by
  • Rich lore and storyline considering Pandaria and its inhabitants
  • New content including, but not limited to the monk class and the playable Pandaren race
  • Solo Scenarios offer a new way for players to attain rewards without the need for an entire group of people
  • Focus on world events such as world bosses and world PvP


  • Imbalanced PvP in the sense that certain classes are extremely over-powered although changes and tweaks are being made with each patch
  • Repetitive Gameplay regarding daily quests and the inevitable grind for in-game gear

All in all, despite the many additions to the game in this latest expansion, I’ve recently decided to stop playing for the summer. The repetitive gameplay of World of Warcraft is what really got to me in the end. Most of my friends have also stopped playing long ago so I wasn’t having too much fun playing by myself along with a couple of online friends here and there. That being said, I still think Mists of Pandaria is a great expansion and is definitely something that should be experienced. I think this time around, Blizzard definitely did a great job introducing all the new content and unique additions to the game.