1. Design or create something – Whether it’s developing iPhone apps or creating websites, it’s important to produce quality work and force yourself to create anything you could add to your portfolio. It’s also important to develop a unique aspect to your work that differentiates you from others. For example, certain music artists have their own style of singing or rapping to their unique-sounding instrumentals; they essentially create their own marketable label.
  2. Constantly learn new tools – Many jobs in the video-game industry require potential employees to have mastered certain programs. For example, animators may need to showcase mastery of programs such as Drupal and Maya. It’s important to research some of the requirements for the employers and jobs you would be seeking in the future.
  3. Broadcast yourself – Reach out to people and display yourself to the gaming industry. This can be done in many ways from online podcasting and blogging to crowd-sourcing through websites like kickstarter.com. The key is to maintain some kind of online persona and make an effort to get yourself out there and be heard.

Information paraphrased from Scott Steinberg’s article found here.