PAX East 2013 – Image taken from

Last weekend, one of the world’s largest video-game conventions took place in Boston. PAX which stands for Penny Arcade Expo, lasted for 3 days from March 22-24. During this time, video-game designers and developers take the opportunity to showcase many of their upcoming products. For example, at this year’s PAX, Ubisoft announced information regarding their next Assassin’s Creed title: Blackflag. Those who attend the convention get a sneak peek at the newest advancements in the video-game industry. Additionally, there are many demos, free give-aways, tournaments and much more which makes PAX a must-go event for many video-game enthusiasts. Not to mention, PAX is also known for attracting cosplayers of all sorts! Overall, people get the chance to meet others with similar passions and the general atmosphere of the convention is thrilling!

For more information, visit the official PAX website. Although I haven’t gone to PAX, I’m definitely looking forward to going next year!