This is a great blog I found that goes in depth about the sound and instrumental production aspect of video-games. Many people are often concerned with the visual design of video-games and don’t spend much time thinking about the unique sound component that is essential to all modern games. Kris Giampa, the sound designer who runs this blog, showcases many of his experiences in the video-game industry. Personally, I like the information he includes about landing a job in the video-game industry. He outlines all the steps needed in order to get your foot in the door, so to speak. Stumbling upon his blog also opened my eyes to the possibility of perhaps delving into the sound production aspect of video-games myself. Not only does his blog include information on sound production, it also has general information useful for other facets of video-game design as well such as programming, level design, quality assurance and more. Overall, I think this blog is definitely worth checking out of music and video-game design interest you. Kris Giampa has years of experience in his field and has even worked for Blizzard, one of the leading companies in the video-game industry!